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Current EU Regulations, Drug and Medical Device Laws, GCP Training

Medical Writing Workshops of the European Medical Writers Association


Since 2018: Member of American Medical Writers Association

Since 2015: Member of European Medical Writers Association



WS: Introduction to Combination Products in the US and EU

WS: How to Handle Advisory Board Meetings


WS: Introduction in Pharmacokinetics

WS: Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up for Medical Devices


WS: PM – Do more with less, faster

WS: Scheduling & proposal writing: The clinical study protocol & report

WS: Publication Planning


WS: Clinical Study Reports in Oncology

WS: Writing a Clinical Evaluations Plan for Medical Devices

WS: Graphical Abstracts


WS: Medical Writing for Biosimilars

WS: Understanding Instructions for Use of Medical Devices and Providing Support in Their Drafting


WS: Writing Clinical Investigation Plans for Medical Devices

WS: Statistical Analysis of Binary Data


WS: Writing a Clinical Study Protocol

WS: Manuscript Writing - from Good to Excellent

WS: Writing Lay Summaries of Study Results according to EU Regulations

WS: Literature Reviews for Medical Devices

WS: Introduction to Virology


WS: Advanced Epidemiology

WS: Statistical Testing

WS: Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature


WS: Subject narratives for clinical study reports

WS: Going from Pharma to Medical Devices

WS: Writing Clinical Evaluations Reports of Medical Devices


WS: Strategies for Improving Document Quality

WS: Medical Writing and Quality Control of Documents Entering the Public Domain: Manuscripts and Abstracts

WS: Summarizing


WS: Basics of Writing for Medical Devices Under the MEDDEV rev. 4 and new Medical Devices Regulations

WS: Drug Safety for Medical Writers Part 1: Adverse Events and Concomitant Medications

WS: Drug Safety for Medical Writers Part 2: Laboratory Data

WS: Basics of Epidemiology for Medical Communicators


WS: Medical Writing and Quality Control: CSRs

WS: Writing Global Submission Dossiers using the Common Technical Document

WS: Health Related Quality of Life

WS: From Clinical Study Report to Manuscript

WS: CORE Reference – Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based


WS: Introduction to Writing about Efficacy

WS: Medical Writing and Observational Studies

WS: Patient Registries as a Source of Medical Information


WS: The Investigator’s Brochure

WS: Managing the Clinical Study Protocol Writing Process


and further webinars for contents of Medical and Scientific Writing


WS: Workshop